Successes and Failures in Translation and Interpretation

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Despite being a profession with centuries of history, today many people are unaware what is the process of translation and interpretation. On many occasions completely unnoticed pass translation process for users, and perhaps this is something positive, since if the reader is not aware of the existence of the translator this can be due to that it has done a good job and the end result sounds so natural that the recipients are not aware that this text has passed through the hands of a translator.

Known or not, the translation is a profession of great importance so it is advisable to always deal with the best professionals for avoiding future problems. But as it could not be otherwise, there is not always the best professionals, and, though it is done, we’re all human and there is always some chance of error.

We then collect some errors or curious mistakes of translation:

In the 16th century, a translation of the Bible said that Moses had horns. Literally, the text stated that
“his face was horned”, when actually what I wanted to say was that “his face emanating rays of light”. This error is reflected today thanks to the fact that in 1513, Miguel Ángel created a sculpture to immortalize Moses with these horns, demonstrating as well, until today, the error in the translation.

What comes next rather than an error could be considered a mistake in translation. As we mentioned before, it is important to have professional translators and who have a broad knowledge of the language but also the culture of the country for which they translate. Within the advertising industry it could be said that, as a general rule, is often prefer to leave the names of the brands in the language of origin, since they tend to be identification for customers. However, it is always advisable to make sure that these names don’t have another connotation in the country of destination.

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However, not only the translators make mistakes. In this case the mistake was by an interpreter. This news was enough commentary in the media and made to be given something more important (although for negative reasons) to the figure of the interpreter, which usually go quite unnoticed. During the funeral of Nelson Mandela interpreter drew the attention of all those present in the Act given its interpretation. It is responsible for interpreting in sign language the speeches of five world leaders attending the funeral (including President Obama). They soon sounding laughter and comments between the public and the news was very commented in the media and social networks.

Finally I’d like to invite our readers to seek translation errors in a text type which is very common to find them: the instruction manuals for certain electronic devices or articles of clothing labels. It is very common to buy something in a shop “all at one euro” or not specialized, arriving home, we have to read the instructions and see that the translation is non-existent, or if there is we learn to better read the untranslated part.

In conclusion, we recommend that have always the best professionals of the translation and interpretation if you want to get a good result. In Mars Translation we have a great team of professional translators and interpreters who treat your project with the highest quality, efficiency and professionalism possible.