How to make signs with Microsoft Word


Whether you need a signwriters Perth for your business, your class or your home or some other purpose, can use Microsoft Word to create one that suits your needs. You can use a pre-made signal template and adjust to suit their purpose or create a signal of habit from a Word document in white, to which you can add a border, images and more.


Make a sign from a template

1 . Start Microsoft Word. Go to the “File” menu in Word 2003 and select “New”. Click the “Microsoft Office” in Word 2007 and select “New” button.

2 . Type “sign” in the “Microsoft Online” option in “templates”. Press the “Enter” key.

3 . Click a sign template for a preview. Click on ‘Download’ to download the template as a new Word document.

4 . Click an image in the signal and select “Change image” to change it. Select “from file” option to insert an image from your computer. Select “Clip Art” to select a clip art image.

  1. Select any text sample in a signal if you want to change it. The type of the selected text. Save and print the sign when you are finished.

Make a personalized session

6 . Open a new blank Word document. Change the page in “landscape” orientation. Go to the “File” menu in Word 2003 and select “Page setup”. Go to the tab “Margins” of the “Page setup” dialog box. Select “landscape” in “orientation. Go to the tab””of the Ribbon in Word 2007. “Click on” layout of orientation “in the” page setup “group and select ‘landscape’.”

  1. Add a border around the page. Go to the “Format” menu in Word 2003 and select “Borders and shading”. Go to the tab “Page edges” of the dialog box. Go to the “Page layout” tab in Word 2007 and click “edges of page” in the “Page background” group to open the “Borders and shading” dialog with the “edges of page” tab selected.
  2. Select any option, in addition to “None” in “Settings”. Choose a border style, color and width. Select an option in the list “The art of the border”, if you want to have a more decorative edge of page. Click “OK” to apply all of the signal edge.

9 click on the “Center” button in the “Formatting” in Word 2003 toolbar to make the text of signs is focused. Go to the “Home” tab in Word 2007 and click “Center” in the “Paragraph” group. Select a style and a font size in the toolbar “Format” in Word 2003 or the group “Source” on the tab “Home” in Word 2007. Type the text you want in your sign.

  1. Insert a picture on the sign, if desired. Click on the sign you want to insert the picture. Go to the menu “Insert” in Word 2003. Point to “Picture” and click “From file” for a photo on your computer or “Clip Art” to use a clip art image. Go to the “Insert” in Word 2007 tab and click on “Image” or “Clip Art” in the “Examples” group. Select the image that you want to use and click “Insert”. Save and print your sign when you are ready.