How to Improve Your Paraphrasing Skills?

How to Improve Your Paraphrasing Skills?

One of the most effective ways to avoid plagiarism is to paraphrase phrases, sentences, and paragraphs. In fact, paraphrasing is very popular and is one of the most widely used tools to borrow the ideas of other people. However, as effective and useful as it may be, paraphrasing can ultimately lead to plagiarism if not used correctly. One of the primary reasons why paraphrasing is committed by people is that they do not know how to use it properly and also because they lack skills in paraphrasing. Fortunately, preventing plagiarism nowadays was made easy by the plagiarism checker free. But to help you with paraphrasing, you should learn some lessons to improve your paraphrasing skills. This article will teach those to you.

The Basic: Understanding the Concept

The first and foremost thing that you should do when paraphrasing a phrase, sentence, or paragraph is to understand first what you have to paraphrase. You cannot write a phrase, sentence, or paragraph in your own words if in the first place, you do not know what it is talking about. Also, it may be better if you can read the entire story or plot first before you paraphrase so that you will be able to give the best understanding to the paraphrase as much as possible.

Know A Lot of Words

Paraphrasing will definitely involve the substitution of different kinds of words from the original statement in the paraphrased statement. This is how you will be able to write a paraphrase using your own words so that the new one will look different from the old one but will still convey the same meaning or idea as that of the old one. If you are not familiar with a lot of words, then you will definitely find it difficult to paraphrase a statement. So better practice your words by expanding your vocabulary. Maybe you should befriend the dictionary to be able to do this. Reading lots of books can also be a big help.

Writing the Paraphrase

Now, when you proceed to writing the paraphrase, you should write using your own words while also taking into account to make sure that the paraphrased statement conveys the same message as that of the original statement being paraphrased. At first you may find it difficult to paraphrase but once you get the hang of it, it will be really easy. Also, you should try to let the flow of words from your mind to your hands flow easily. Do not let things in your mind disrupt your flow.

Now, after those, you should never forget to put in the citations so that you will not get penalized for committing plagiarism. You should then use theĀ plagiarism checker free tool to make sure that your paper is one hundred percent unique after including the paraphrases.