Comprar Kefir De Leite & Read Useful tips

comprar kefir de leite
  • In principle the kefir should be always submerged in whole milk (not skimmed or semi-skimmed). However, known cases of kefir which normally develops in milk, semi – or skimmed, in which case should be alternate culture with whole milk, to avoid that it would deteriorate.
  • You can prepare the desired amount of comprar kefir de leite, provided that in the bowl is 1/3 of air. The reason is that during fermentation is at a pressure of gas which increases as the temperature rises. You can fill more container if not closed tightly, so as to enable the gas leakage.
  • Used utensils (Bowl and colander) should not be aluminum, because this material is not stable in an acid medium, such as kefir, and could transfer harmful particles.
  • Use kefir to cooking, there are many recipes that use the kefirada milk to make cheese spreads, solid cheese or salads, can also use it as a substitute to the yogurt in any recipe.

Obtaining and preservation

Traditionally kefir has passed from one hand to others for free. As this grows at a considerable speed, we will be forced to give a part time. It can also be found in health food shops, and there are companies that sell via the Internet. The best thing is that you find someone who you pass some kefir, there are many networks of free distribution of kefir.

Since kefir must always be in milk, when you do not want to drink milk kefirada for some time, there are several methods to preserve nodules:

  • Fridge: inside the refrigerator it is keep it in fresh milk to 4 ° C. Thus held up to 14 days. For greater conservation must change every few weeks the milk to nourish the crop also can be stored in a container with non-chlorinated water and sugar in the refrigerator for 7-10 days, having previously rinsed granules in water. The nodules as well preserved need to be reactivated in the next cycle of fermentation, because they act more slowly. This should leave them in fresh milk 2 or 3 days.
  • Frozen: nodules are cleaned well, drain, are inserted into a plastic bag or Tupperware and freezes. It endures so long. To thaw, you remove it from the freezer and leave in the fridge until it thaws, then there are nodules in milk for three days, discarding the first kefir. Cleaning it is not advisable to use tap water because the chlorine containing can kill the microorganisms in kefir.
  • Dehydrated: it gets kefir on paper towels in a ventilated place, and removed every so often until it is not sticky and have a crystalline appearance. Weather in dehydrated depends on ventilation, temperature and humidity and is 3-5 days for the larger grains.

Once dehydrated should be stored in cool place, refrigerator, freezer or dry. They last about 2-3 months. After this procedure you can even put in an envelope and send it by mail. To hydrate it is enters the kefir milk for 2 weeks, renewing milk every 2 days, do not eat the resulting kefir. After this process you can prepare milk kefir normally.

Nutritional value of kefir

The nutritional value of kefir depends of the quality of the milk. In general it provides minerals, especially calcium, magnesium and phosphorus; rich in vitamins of the Group B (B1, B5, B9 and B12, biotin) and vitamin K; essential amino acids such as tryptophan and easily digestible proteins. Lactose levels decrease and increases the concentration of enzyme β-galactosidase as a result of fermentation.

Functional properties

Kefir partially regenerate the intestinal flora, facilitates digestion and removes constipation problems. The alternative make it with soy milk has the disadvantage of the trypsin inhibitor containing it, which can degenerate into digestive delays. It is also used to regenerate the mucosa of the stomach, and would be useful as an adjunct in the treatment of inflammatory bowel disease (ulcerative colitis), and topically to treat skin problems such as the eczema.