What is the best commercial food for my dog?

It is evident that we all worry about feeding our dog or puppy, he is part of the family and we will always try to find the best for him within our possibilities. We know how commercial food to what we call feed, balanced, care, croquettes, concentrate, balls … in each country receives a different name.

The commercial food is the one that is sold already prepared so that our dog can eat it directly, without having to prepare it ourselves. We simply must give you the daily ration indicated by the manufacturer and with it all your nutritional needs will be covered.

Ranking of commercial food for dogs

We are going to make a summary of the 10 best dog feed, or rather, commercial feed. Using the quality of the ingredients as a fundamental basis to make the list, since a quality feed is essential for our dog to have good health.

We must clarify that we are not going to be guided by the advertising of the companies, but by the quality of their products. There are many commercial dog feed companies that invest large sums of money in advertising, but very little in the quality of their products.

These ranges are to our knowledge, highly recommended to feed any healthy dog, Click here to visit more about boxer dog, due to the high quality of its ingredients and manufacturing process. Quality comes first, if we want to feed our dog well.

We would like to clarify, that SoyUnPerro is not a dog feed company, what’s more, we do not sell anything at all. We simply offer information based on our knowledge and experience. Each person is free to choose how to feed their dog.

Best Commercial Dog Foods

We are not going to say which are the best brands of dog feed because in reality each brand has better and worse ranges within its brand. For that reason we are going to make it even easier, we will indicate directly which are the best ranges of commercial dog food, from our opinion.

The ranges shown below are not ordered by quality, ie the first is not better than the last or vice versa. All of them are highly recommended to feed a dog, so simply assess which one you like the most and which one seems more reasonable in relation to quality – price.

  • Orijen 6 fish
  • NFNatcane Puppy Gourmet
  • Acana Grassland
  • CookiesWil 60% Chicken
  • NFNatcane Salud Salmón Plus